Saturday, October 13, 2012

SAN Presents "The Lonely Soul", a film by Casey Sean Harmon

The Lonely Soul
a Straight and Narrow production by Casey Sean Harmon
This is a full-length movie that I wrote, produced and directed. If you're a "Twilight Zone" fan, you will like this low-budget feature that was filmed in the Bavarian alps of Germany.

   The plot:
   John Parker, U.S. Army Soldier, has been wrongly accused of killing his battle buddy. As punishment, he has been sentenced to years of solitude on a prison planet known as Uleos. With no communication with the outside world, Parker must face his greatest fear: being alone. Will he survive? Or will his imagination get the best of him?

   Written, produced and directed by Casey Sean Harmon

   The cast:
   Casey Sean Harmon
   Lydia Harmon
   Scott Myers
   Miguel Martinez
   Tom Shanks
   Ligia Meza
   The Wein family
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Casey Sean Harmon

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