Sunday, October 7, 2012

One Man Band

I have been talking about my books so much lately, I figure it is time for a little break.

Lately I have been searching YouTube for "One Man Band" videos. You can find some really neat ones that obviously took a lot of effort to make. (Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to watch some of my favorites.) If you don't know what a "One Man Band" video is, I won't bore you with a description since any questions that you may have will undoubtedly be answered the moment you start watching one of the videos below.
   ANYWAY, I'm here to tell you that I made my own "One Man Band" video. I know, it doesn't compare to many of the others that are out there. I made the whole thing in less than six hours using free software that, might I add, kept freezing up every few minutes. (As you can imagine, this made me VERY aggravated!) I do not own professional recording equipment, and the video quality of my camera is nothing to write home about. But, nonetheless, I managed to pull it off. Despite the evil movie editing software, the project was quite fun! Hopefully this will inspire some of you to make your own "One Man Band" video...YOU SHOULD DO IT! And when you do, please share the link to your video in the comment section below. I would love to see what you come up with!




Fredde Gredde

Andrew Kesler

Scott Lyles

Andrew Kesler

Mike Tompkins


Matt Harris

Dan Wright

Emily Miller

Jon Baglo


Happy reading,
Casey Sean Harmon

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