Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Authors Obert Skye and Brian Falkner review my book

Everafter: Reign of the Night Creatures (Available Feb 2013 from Tate Publishing) has just received two more reviews!
"Adventure reigns in this debut novel. What a fun ride."
-Obert Skye, National Best-Selling Author
"Inspired, imaginative and very exciting. A great adventure for young readers."
-Brian Falkner, Best-Selling author of The Tomorrow Code and Brain Jack

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Just a quick note to update you on what is going on. My report date for the Civil Affairs Q-course is in April 2013. (I had originally planned to attend the December 2012 class, but it filled up too fast.) So things have been pushed back just a bit. My wife is expected to have our son here in Germany around the November timeframe. We hope to PCS Germany in February 2013, and report to Bragg sometime in March. Also, my book should be coming out in Feb 2013, so we have a very exciting year ahead of us! I pray that everything works out.

Drawing Contest

Congratulations to Darin Steele, winner of the 2012 "Draw a Mythological Creature" Contest! Darin's drawing (below) was one of 8 drawings submitted to the first ever contest held by the Everafter Fan Club. Darin, eight, from Hohenfels Army Base, Germany, will receive a $50.00 gift card, an autographed copy of Everafter: Reign of the Night Creatures, and a certificate of achievement. Way to go Darin!