Friday, April 19, 2013

Fan Pics Have Arrived!

Although my new novel, The Everafter Chronicles: Reign of the Night Creatures will not officially be in stores until June 4th, people have already started purchasing it through pre-order sales like the one Tate Publishing is currently doing HERE. I asked readers to send me a picture of themselves reading my book, and the pictures have just been flooding in! Below are the ones that I have received so far, along with a few reviews.

 Gabe Myers

Ginger Howard

 "I love this book so far. I can't wait to finish it and I hope they make into a movie!"
-Ginger Howard 

Joey Ortiz

Kendra S. Berni

"I really enjoyed this book. This would be a good book for boys and girls to read, but I think the boys would really like this book. The author, Casey Sean Harmon, has a very good imagination and is also artistic with his words. I can't wait for the next book in the series."
-Kendra Berni

Scott and Jamie

From: Cody and Kristen Brown

 Zack Myers

From: Shane Murray

"My friend and former battle buddy wrote this amazing book. My son and I have read only one chapter and let me tell you I hate reading books and when I sat down and read the first chapter to my son we both didn't want to stop but I had to due to a busy day ahead of us and if I didn't stop then we would have never stopped!"
-Shane Murray

From: Ryan Hills

Carol and Robert Lightfoot

Meghan Parsons

Max Meza

Kelly Watson

Jane Uhlig

"Reign of the Night Creatures is a carefully and well written adventure packed story in which you will be captivated by the authors creativity and imagination. It draws you in and keeps you wanting for more. I highly recommend it for all ages! Brilliant! Exciting!"
-Jane Uhlig

Heather Garcia

"This book was awesome because it is adventurous. I recommend it to anyone who likes cliff hangers and adventures!!!!! I cant wait till I can share it with my friends and family. Looking forward t the next book in the series."
-Heather Garcia

From: Erin Calderon

 "I loved every minute of this book! It was fun, entertaining and light-hearted. The kids were so easy to relate to and well developed through out the book. I was hooked from the first chapter, now I can't wait to see what adventure the next book brings!! Well written and great for kids!"
-Erin Calderon

Emily and Fiona Lightfoot

Darlene Bray

Darin Steele

"Upon starting this book I found it to be a magical adventure of bravery, intelligence and team work. The characters are life like and seem to come out of the pages. The story is very well written and imaginative. The Land of Everafter Draws you in and doesn't want to let you go. In My opinion 'Reign of the Night Creatures' is a must read for all young readers."
-Melissa Steele

Brendan Gresham

"Brendan loved reading "The Everafter Chronicles: Reign of the Night Creatures" written by one of my old Soldiers and best selling authors!!"
-Christina Gresham

Andrew Nye

 "Casey does a great job starting with a catalyst and continuing the build up. Though under the kids category, this book was a very exciting trip through a wonderful imagination. I eagerly anticipate the next in series and will be sure to tell my local bookstores to display this book. It should be on the Summer SOAR reading lists."
-Andrew Nye

Amy Balf

From: Dolores Murtha

From: Dolores Murtha

Me! :)

To show that you support my mission to promote family-friendly reading, send me a picture of yourself holding my newest book! I'll add it to my fan album HERE, and share it on Facebook and my blog. Instructions on how to contact me are found HERE.

Also, be sure to write me a review to tell me what you thought of my book! You can write your review on Goodreads now, and on after my book is officially released on June 4th.

THANKS, GUYS!!! Keep the pictures/reviews coming! :)

Happy readings,
Casey Sean Harmon