Saturday, October 6, 2012

KDP Select (Success story)

I recently enrolled my bestselling e-book "The Earth is a Floating Sphere" into the KDP Select program. KDP Select is a program offered by Amazon Kindle that allows indie authors to market their books by giving them away for free for a certain number of days. (To learn more about KDP Select, CLICK HERE.) At first I was hesitant. Why would I want to give my brand-new book away for free? But then I thought about the idea on a marketing level. By offering my book for free I would not only be expanding my audience, but it would allow me to take advantage of the many "free e-book marketing" websites that are out there. (One really neat site that offers a LOT of promotional opportunities is Galleycat.) So I gave it a try. I agreed to charge $0.00 for my book for five days. I also utilized as many "free e-book marketing" websites that I could find online. I really had no idea what to expect.
   The first hour that my book was offered for free I "sold" twenty copies. The next hour, ten more copies. Every single hour for the next five days I sold at least one copy of my book. By the end of the five days I had sold 212 copies of my book. Not bad!
   You have to think. That's 212 readers who may have never heard my name before. But they now own a copy of my book, and are telling their friends about it. All because they saw the word "Free" associated with my book.
   I don't know if 212 is considered a "high" amount of books to be given away over a five-day period. But it did land my book #7 on the Best Seller's list in Free Poetry. Either way, I would consider the KDP Select program to be a success.

Happy reading,
Casey Sean Harmon

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