Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Earth is a Floating Sphere (Bestselling New E-Book)

Discover the e-book that made it to the Best Seller's list in THREE different categories within hours of its release!

This is a collection of some of my most bizarre and unusual writings. In these writings I have tried to capture every feeling imaginable, from the joy felt on Thanksgiving Day to the fear experienced on the battle field. You will enter the mysterious city of Ekerbraun, walk in the shoes of a “Low Fellow” and marvel in amazement at Susan the talking dog. You will also find an array of unusual and random photographs. I will warn you, however: these poems and stories are not meant to fall into any known category, which is why I have labeled them “Care-Free.” You will have to think hard about some of the writings if you are to discover a meaning.

Praises for the poems of The Earth is a Floating Sphere:

"Your imagery in this work is just wonderful...thanks for sharing." -Joyce Bell, author of When We All Get To Heaven (for Mischievous Brown Cat)

"How beautiful and warm." -Le Belle Rouge, author of The Darkness: Stories And Poetry From Beyond (for Oh, how I love this time of year!)

"I doubt that many men enjoy having to shoulder that weapon and fire. They fight because they must and they do it bravely. Your poem touched my heart." -Le Belle Rouge, author of The Darkness: Stories And Poetry From Beyond (for On The Battlefield)

"Wow! What a write...very well written. Enjoyed this poetic tale! " -Joyce Bowling, author of Kentucky…The Mountains I Call Home (for Harvest at Sea)

"Excellent. Great revelation! " -Chanti, (for To Function Well Within)


Thanks for reading,
Casey Sean Harmon

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