Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A quick "Thank You" to my followers, friends and family

I want to thank my wonderful followers, friends and family for supporting me as I tackle this book publishing adventure. Marketing is a lot of hard work. The truth is that I can not do this alone, and it is your support that keeps me motivated. I know you're probably tired of seeing all my posts asking you to "support this" and to "share that", but please understand that I am trying my best to ensure that my book is a great success. I have friends and family spread across every continent, and so my many posts throughout the day ensures that everyone sees what I have to say. It is hard work and very tiring to be both an active-duty SGT in the Army AND a published author. I find myself working at late hours during the night, and just about all my free time is spent working on book stuff. Why bother? Because writing is my passion. Some people spend their free time playing video games or watching one movie after the other. I spend my free time writing and marketing my book(s).
   Anyway, again I want to thank you all for your outstanding support. I COULD NOT do it without you!

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