Monday, September 24, 2012

The story of how my book rose to the Best Seller's list!

 A few days ago I was browsing through some of my old writings when an idea popped into my head: why not add some of my poems and short stories together into a collection and self-publish a book? It wasn't going to be anything serious. I just wanted to have a little fun. I sat down and did a little copy and pasting, and within an hour I had a collection of thirteen poems and three short stories. Nothing big. Again, I wanted to keep this project simple. I did a little research and decided that I would self-publish my new poem book through Amazon Direct, which would make my book available on Amazon Kindle. I uploaded my book, and within a few hours my book was live on Again, no big deal. Anyone could have done it. I posted about the book on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and then I walked away from my computer. My wife had just finished making dinner, and we watched an episode or two of Cake Boss while we ate.
   When I returned to my computer a few hours later I could not believe my eyes. There was my book, listed #2 on the Hot New Releases list! I clicked on my book to discover that it had risen to not one, but TWO Best Seller's lists! It was # 33 in Inspirational and # 41 in Poetry. I turned to my wife and smiled. "Guess what!" I said. "My book is on the Best Seller's list!"
   Don't ask me how it happened. I wasn't even trying. All I can say is that God is good! It feels good to finally be able to say that I am a Bestselling author!!!

#41 Best Sellers in Poetry

 #33 Best Sellers in Inspirational

#2 on the Hot New Releases list

To purchase a copy of The Earth is a Floating Sphere: A Care-Free Collection of Poems and Short Stories, click HERE!

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Casey Sean Harmon


  1. How many purchases actually qualifies you to be a best seller? Is it like selling 100k copies of an album to have a gold record?

    1. I'm not sure about other "Bestseller's lists", but I know that governs their best selling books by how many books are sold every hour. For example, if I sold more books in category "poetry" than any other book in that same category, my book will make the #1 spot in "poetry." It doesn't matter if I only sold five books, I still sold more books than anyone else in that hour so that makes my book a "Best Seller." However, you have to take into consideration how many thousands--millions!--of books are sold on Your book will be competing with all of these books every hour. Hope this helps!