Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Writing, the loneliest business in the world

I’m not trying to deter anyone from writing. In fact, I hope that this will help you to overcome what I think is one of the reasons why there aren’t MORE writers out there. Hey, in case you haven’t heard, WRITING IS A LONELY BUSINESS! It may very well be the LONELIEST business out there! Just remember that the next time you sit down to write. If you are overcome with the sudden realization that you spend a majority of your free time in seclusion either writing or thinking about what to write, that you are indeed ALONE through the entire book-writing process, don’t feel like you are the only person who goes through this. When you spend months (years!) pouring your heart and soul out into a book, and you suddenly realize that you spent more time alone than most people spend playing sports, going to clubs or hanging out at the mall, don’t feel like you are the only person who goes through this. Welcome to the writing world! Join the club! The key to success is self-motivation. In order to be an accomplished writer, you MUST have the ability to push yourself, even when at times it feels like no one is interested in the things that you write about, or when it feels like you spend more time alone than anyone else in existance. I hope this will help some of you to overcome the feeling of loneliness. Because, in reality, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

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