Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CA Selection Course (Update)

I made it! I just passed the rigorous 10-day Civil Affairs selection course! I am not allowed to give out any details, so please don't ask. I will say that the course is no joke. If you are planning on going anytime soon, I recommend that you start preparing NOW. Talk to the CA recruiters if you have any questions on what to expect. So, what's the next step for me? I am waiting to receive a report date to begin the Q-course. I should know something by next week (hopefully!). My wife is due to have our first baby around November, so the plan is to PCS back to the States before then so that she can have the baby in America. (Pray that I will be able to be there with her when the baby is born.) Speaking of baby, my wife and I will be going to the doctor in about three weeks to find out what we are having!!!

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