Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Evidently I have "One Lovely Blog" !

Okay, I'll play along. ;)

Thanks to the talented middle grade/young adult author Sharon Ledwith, I have been tagged with the ever popular One Lovely Blog Award. Please visit Sharon's awesome blog, and be sure to check out her The Last Timekeepers series!

Now, it is my duty as a recipient of this award to reveal seven random facts about myself. Here goes:

1) Contrary to what many of my online followers believe, I am not a very social person. In most conversations I am perfectly content with sitting back and listening to what others have to say.

2) I have a lucky baseball cap that has traveled with me around the world. It was with me during my first date, during the sand storms of Fort Bliss and during my adventure outings in Korea, Bahrain and Germany. I would seriously cry if I were to lose this hat!

3) My favorite times to write are either very early in the morning or late at night.

4) I am one of the weird Soldiers who actually LOVE the military. I love field exercises, going to the range, PT tests and everyday Soldiering. I truly believe that if I were to strike it rich tomorrow, I would choose to continue serving until I have done my 20.

5) I secretly dream of being a movie director someday. I'm a HUGE Spielberg fan. Did you know that I wrote, directed and played in my own full-length movie? Yeah! You can watch it HERE.

6) I currently have one son. (He just turned three months old, by the way!) I hope to have two more children: one more boy, and a girl. My wife keeps trying to convince us to shoot for four children. We'll see! :)

7) I don't like to play video games. (Well, except for the old NES version of Super Mario Bros., and a few ATARI games like Asteroid and Super Pit Fall.) I don't know why, I just get bored playing most games!

Okay, the following authors who I’ve chosen to receive One Lovely Blog Award are:

Virginia Lori Jennings

Virginia S. Grenier

Kendra S. Berni


Congratulations! Now you guys get to write a blog post listing seven random facts about yourselves and then nominate three other authors for the One Lovely Blog Award. Enjoy!


Everyone else, thanks for stopping by!


Happy Readings!

Casey Sean Harmon


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  1. Would never have pegged you as a non-gamer, Casey! And would love to know what's so special about your baseball hat? Writers are a funny breed, buddy! Will tweet and share for you! Best wishes with all your publishing endeavors!