Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Countdown Begins!

Have you pre-ordered your autographed, first-edition copy? If not, what are you waiting for?!

There are only FIVE days remaining for you to take advantage of this special offer. Once the five days are up, this opportunity may never come around again.

We're currently up to $1,542.00 in pledges. Help me to reach $2,000.00 by the 26th of January!

Support family-friendly reading...

So what do I hope to accomplish from this book?

It is my goal to instill good, positive morals to young readers in such a way that they are having too much fun to realize that they are actually learning valuable life lessons. The writing style and overall spirit of The Everafter Chronicles has been compared by a number of reviewers to The Chronicles of Narnia. It is my goal for my book to appeal to a large and diverse audience. Some might compare the book to The Adventures in Odyssey series, while others believe that it more resembles some aspects of a young adult version of The Lord of the Rings. I believe my book to be an epic tale of excitement and adventure. Nonetheless, I have taken great caution to support good morals and to teach valuable lessons without promoting one certain faith group. It is good, clean fun!

Please join me in my mission to promote high-quality, family-friendly adventure! By pledging you will not only be supporting my book, but you will also be helping to fund my national book tour. Who knows, I may visit a store in your area! Please support!


"Casey Sean Harmon's 'The Everafter Chronicles: Reign of the Night Creatures' has the feel of C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia with the story revolving around three siblings and their dog who were pulled to another world and immersed in a magical adventure. It is a world where the fight between good and evil is ever present; a world called 'Everafter' where evil can be defeated by the presence of light. But how can evil be fought when, at night, the moon is nowhere to be found? Can these children save 'Everafter'? I love Harmon's writing style. It is simple, concise, and organized. The way he develops his story and his characters is seamless. I know that if I have kids, this book will be one of those that I'd read over and over again, simply because Casey Sean Harmon has been able to effectively teach courage, compassion, generosity, trust, and most especially love. The way Harmon ended 'Reign of the Night Creatures' reminds the reader to value not just friends, but also family. Casey Sean Harmon is also able to teach the reader the value of community and teamwork; that we are not alone in solving the problems of the world and that the people we meet are instrumental in our success."

-Mina Rivera, Reader's Favorite (5 star rating)

"A fast-paced, fun adventure for young children. Would make a great bedtime story."

-Alison Pensy, Bestselling author of The Custodian Novels

"Reign of the Night Creatures is an action-packed modern story in the brilliant tradition of the Chronicles of Narnia. James and his sisters are kept on their toes in the imaginative world of Everafter, where the battle of light versus dark rages. Who knows what darkness's next move will be?"

-E.P. Marcellin, Bestselling author of Element Keepers

"I truly enjoyed reading this book; I found the story to be incredibly innovative and imaginative."

-Meghan Gregg, Tate Publishing

"Adventure reigns in this debut novel. What a fun ride."

-Obert Skye, National Bestselling author (Leven Thumps series, Pillage Trilogy)

“Inspired, imaginative and very exciting, it’s a great adventure for young readers."

-Brian Falkner, Bestselling author (The Tomorrow Code, Brain Jack)



Happy Readings,
Casey Sean Harmon

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